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Democracy And Good Governance

CS-CRIN through its Democracy and Good Governance initiatives has provided Advocacy on Good Leadership, Voters Education, Electoral Processes in Nigeria, Election Observation both state and national and has positively influenced the improvements in the outcomes of Electoral Process in Nigeria.

We have also collaborated with other development partners in the process of Transparency and Accountability in Public Sector, Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Programs, Civil Society Organizations and Media Development in Nigeria.

The EU-ACT program in Nigeria which was implemented by the British Council has helped CS-CRIN tremendously in its Governance activities to be more Credible both internally and externally in carrying out our Democracy and Good Governance activities through high level Capacity Development Programs, Trainings in Advocacy, Community Engagement Programs and Civil Society Coalition Building trainings, these Capacity Building and Training activities of EU-ACT has help placed CS-CRIN on the pivotal of Strong Institutional building in Nigeria and has helped the organization to deliver on its mandates.